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Feel (1996)

Feel is a series of moods, flowing freely from one emotional space to another. The intention is to create a sense of being lost in thought.


The piece was composed without any notion of formal structure, although the broad-scale framework loosely follows the traditional format of a three-movement Sonata. The first movement has an impassioned, muscular, driving feeling in a moderately fast tempo, followed by a pensive, dreamy slow movement, and an agitated Scherzo-like finale.


The stylistic idiom shifts freely from Impressionism and Minimalism to Funky Jazz and Boogie Woogie.

Feel was composed in 1996 as part of the submission for the Master of Music degree, majoring in Composition, at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

The World Premiere performance was given by Brenda Tom at the Taube Atrium Theater, San Francisco on April 8th 2019, as part of the Sound and Shadow concert by New Music ensemble Earplay.

Flying Bird Outline
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